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If I get 7 'sing' the mun will record themselves singing a song

Soo…. does this count as ‘singing?’
     Check the bass, brah.

James and Oliver Phelps will be at Fan Days this year! Thought you oughta know.

Omfg dude I just found out the other day and I —

I’m honestly still processing?

Like, I knew this day would come, right, but I nEVER expected that it would come so soon. I’m kind of not sure what I’m going to say but I mean, hey, what will happen will happen and I’m just praying I don’t embarrass the hell out of myself on accident.


Last photo of Robin Williams

I mean he seems scared to smell that flower, but happy to get shot?

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.
July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014

Thank you for bringing joy into my childhood and life with your voice and acting. Thank you for your contagious jokes, your wacky impersonations, and amazing acting. Thank you for making my childhood experience better, and thank you for bringing joy to those even though you battled with your own joy. If only you could have known how much you’ve impacted people. Your life work will live on, and you will never be forgotten. I know I won’t forget you. Thank you for helping me whenever I felt sad and having a film for every mood. Gone, but never forgotten.

in 3 hours, I’ll be on my way with a very special prat to my home away from home

yes, you heard it correctly, George and Percy are headed to Hogwarts.

Prepare yourselves for a week of vicariously living through yours truly B]


this is the scene of the crime


If ur pets dont like him he aint da one